True Diversity

Enabling Diversity in the Workplace

True Diversity challenges its readers and companies to go beyond the pie graph. This book forces the reader to fully understand how their goods and services will reach people of diverse backgrounds. This understanding is essential to optimizing the commercial power of an inclusive organization.

What the Book Talks About

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”
—Malcolm Forbes

The Curse of Knowledge

  • Is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, communicating with other individuals, unknowingly assumes that the others have the background to understand (1)
  • Is a cognitive bias that knowing the outcome of a certain event makes it seem more predictable than may actually be true (2)
  • (1) Kennedy, Jane (1995). “Debiasing the Curse of Knowledge in Audit Judgement”. The Accounting Review. 70 (2):249-273. JSTOR 248305
  • (2) Camerer, Collin; Loewenstein, George; Weber, Martin (1989). “The Curse of Knowledge in Economic Settings: An Experimental Analysis” (PDF). Journal of Political Economy. 97 (5): 1232-1254, doi:10.1086/261651
True Diversity
True Diversity

The Curse of Non-Diverse Knowledge

A homogenous group of smart co-workers tend to see the world through a similar lens. Groups normally align on the best “accepted” solution which unintentionally chokes off innovation outside their agreed upon, narrow view.

When The Curse of Knowledge’s cognitive bias is superimposed on a homogenous, smart group of people—the result is a narrow view of:

  • The Customer’s Needs
  • Solutions Preferred by Their Customers
  • Possible Risks, Threats, and Opportunities

Improve Innovation and Decrease Risk

True Diversity

Yes You Can Measure Diversity Within a Person

True Diversity

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